Registration and login

To submit an article, everyone must first register in the system. Registration in the publications system is free for all people and does not require the approval of the system administrator. After completing the registration form, the password will be sent to your email. Therefore, use the correct email address that you have access to. After receiving the password, log in, enter your article information, and finally send the original article file. When submitting an article, pay attention to the main description on the Writers Guide page and the Terms and Conditions page. Use an address to register and submit an article. It is recommended to register in the system only once. You do not need to register again to submit future articles.


Registration steps

To register in the publication system, first select the "Register in the system" option from the "Login" menu.

 Ordinary user (reader) does not need to register; But the author must register in the system to submit an article. Also, the evaluator, editor, page vote, publisher, professional secretary and editor must register in the system in order to be able to play their role in the system.


Description of the registration form

  • Carefully complete the registration form.
  • First specify what title you register in the system (specify your title, correspondence with the same title will be done with you).
  • Enter your first name, last name, level of education, academic rank and major. This information helps the editor of the journal to make the right decision when evaluating and judging articles based on the information available.
  • Enter the English equivalent of your personal details carefully.
  • Phone number, cell phone number is also a must. Since in some cases there is a need for immediate information and the editor of the journal must contact the people who have submitted articles or made corrections within a certain period of time, so announce the available number.
  • If you have a dedicated page, save the exact address using the Ctrl+C keys and enter the desired location using the Ctrl+V keys.
  • If possible, upload a good image of yourself in the system.
  • Record the city of residence or work, the postal address with the postal code, as well as the organization of the place of study or service, along with the organizational post or the type of employment according to the sample.
  • Enter the e-mail address and username carefully to complete the registration. Your email address can be used as a username. It is recommended that you use your e-mail address to complete the registration process. However, it is possible to use a custom username. If this name has not been registered in the system before, you can use it.
  • Use the correct email. In case you forget your password, it is possible to re-create the password and send it to your email address by entering the correct email address.
  • Select the option if you want to collaborate on article judging, or are interested in receiving a list of new articles.
  • If a specific explanation seems necessary, enter it in the description section.
  • To enter the information, enter the security ID and select the Save option.
  • The registration form is as shown below. It is mandatory to complete the items marked with an asterisk.
  • Register only once.
  • If you forgot your password, use the reset password option.
  • If you are registered in the system; But if you do not know the username or email address, contact the journal expert.


Important points about the registration form

  • If the author has an ORCID researcher ID, he/she can enter this ID in the registration form (Orchid is an ID or code that is assigned to identify the author, researcher or researcher individually or organizationally. This ID is the same as DOI, except DOI belongs to the work, but ORCID belongs to the author or researcher himself (see for more information).
  • Through this form, anyone can declare their readiness to judge articles and receive a list of new articles in the journal.
  • This system will ask you for two separate email addresses. Be very careful when entering the original e-mail address; Because the system sends information and news related to the publication to this address. A second address is also recommended for added security.


After completing the registration form information, the following image will be displayed and a username and password will be sent to your email.


Log in

Select the "Login" option to log in. Then log in using the username and password sent to your email.